- half hog -


This is a private half heritage hog butchery class for 1-4 people (max)

The flat fee of $500 will cover the cost of the half hog, a 3 hour hands-on butchery session working our way through the entire half hog breaking it down from primal cuts to individual retail portions. All guests will receive a sausage sandwich dinner and leave with fully wrapped and ready to freeze fresh cuts of pork!

Transportation and Clothing: Please provide cooler for transportation of meat as well as come prepared in proper clothing (close toed shoes, long pants, hat if preferred) aprons and hair nets will be provided!

If you have knives you prefer to work with please bring with (safely) as I work with only one small set!

Extra Curing: If choosing to leave meat behind for custom processing such as curing bacon and making sausage please be prepared for extra costs to be assessed, will discuss during class. 

Please note: due to availability please allow up to one month for scheduling out class! Feel free to contact us via our contact page for any questions or concerns before purchasing! 

Yield: What can you expect to leave with?

  • Belly (10-12 lbs)
  • Jowl (1)
  • Sausage Grind (18-30 lb)
  • Shoulder Roasts (0-12 lb, varies with sausage choice)
  • Tenderloin (1)
  • Leaf Lard (2-3 lb)
  • Hocks (2)
  • Loin Chops (10 lb bone-in or 7 lb boneless)
  • Spare ribs (1 rack)
  • Bones (10-12 lb)
  • Head (1 w/ jowl removed)
  • Tongue & Heart (1 each)