Cultiva Winter Dinner

On a chilly February evening in Nebraska we brought together a small group of individuals from all across the Lincoln and Omaha area to gather around a long table and enjoy a meal grown close to home!

This dinner was focused on those slow-cooked warming flavors and old preservation techniques used to help keep food far into the winter months. As we approach spring and get ready for sunshine and fields of green we wanted to take a moment to give thanks to last years harvest and create a dinner centered around pulling out those last rations of root vegetables and preserved items from the cellar to nourish us. 

The Menu:

-seedy rye toast + preserved egg yolk + bacon onion jam + mustard greens

-hazelnut roasted carrot & parsnip + honeycomb + lardons + thyme

-soup of ham hock cooked in its broth + creme fraiche + paltbrod (Swedish blood bread) + dill

-country pork terrine + sweet pickled red beet + house mustard + dill

-seared loin of pork + smoked fat roasted potato + plum sauce + nutmeg creme + rosemary

-dark chocolate tart + cardamom graham crust + flaked sea salt


What an amazing night we had sharing our story and our love for simple, close to home food with new friends. Thanks again to all that joined us and to our purveyors who dedicate their lives to providing us with nourishing food. 

Much love!

The O'tillie Crew

Jared Uecker